Tips on how to Sustain Lost Weight on Vacations

A typical vacation means you can get away with anything, even eating unhealthy foods! Whether its desert tasting or a backyard barbeque at your cousin’s beach house, all such vacations involve super fattening food indulgences.

If you have luckily lost weight throughout your non-vacation days, don’t let your efforts go to waste when on a one week getaway by gaining all of it back!

If you are worried about how to deal with these factors, take a looks at the tips below.

Monitor your Meals

Holidays mean your meals become mightier, decadent and super sized! Don’t let this happen. Be fair to yourself and keep a track of what you eat. If you are invited to a brunch or lunch, either eat something healthy at home prior to going or simply drink 3 glasses of water before loading up your plate.
Either way, you will feel full and consume lesser calories!

Stay Super Hydrated

Holidays are filled with fun, happiness, shopping and relaxation. What we often forget is, staying hydrated. At home, we usually know where our water bottles are and we are set in our routines. Vacations can lead to tiredness, rendering us dehydrated.
Hence, drink plenty glasses of water and let your body stay active and fresh. Water will also flush out toxins and keep you full for longer, ultimately helping you eat less.

Buffet: Avoid or Pay for it!

It is extremely tempting and appetizing to load up the plates with tasty food items such as pancakes, steaks, spaghetti, pasta, pizza and what not. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the consequences: weight gain!
An amazing tip suggests that either you feel free and eat as much as you want at the buffet but in return pay for it by working out for half an hour as soon as you come back to your room!
Otherwise, choose the dishes that are healthy and stick to a small portioned meal with a lot of green veggies in it! The choice is yours.

Sneak in Magic Pills

As mysterious as it may sound, carrying diet pills to your vacation can benefit you in various ways. While you indulge in binge eating, the diet pills will work on your body internally by boosting your metabolism and burning fat layers. PhenQ diet supplements are the perfect choice. The best part is, nobody will know and your lost weight will be maintained!

Plan Ahead of Time

Holiday dates or vacation months are usually known to you beforehand. Why not plan ahead and stay fit? If you know your family is going to Thailand in the summers, double time at the gym right now and lose more weight than you should, so that you can gain less at your vacation.
Work harder at cardio and go for a crash diet at least 2 weeks before your vacation and stay ahead of time!

Plan Healthy Activities

While holidays and getaways are all about fun and thrill, why not plan something special and super exciting? Instead of sitting on the beach and relaxing in the sun all the time, go for a swim, go for a hike or play running games with your family. If you know you are going to visit a place where you can plan no such activities, pack your skipping rope with you and skip a few rounds while getting bored. Easy? Weight loss pills for women

Calorie Monitoring Apps

This era is all about going technological. Make the most of it and download the best calorie monitoring app on your phone and know what you are eating. This way you will know exactly how many calories to consume and when to wave the unhealthy dishes goodbye!

Do not Over think

They key factor is to enjoy and relax. You need to enjoy your holidays when you have the chance! Who knows whether you will be lucky enough next summer? Over thinking about fitness will only ruin your happy moments. So make sure you don’t let that happen. After all, when life gives you lemons, make yourself a lemonade!

Eat Slowly

Another amazing trick to stay fit on vacations is by savoring every bite you put in your mouth. With that said, chew each bite at least 15 times and enjoy it. A fun fact suggests that most of the digestion begins right inside our mouth, so why not make the most of it? Eating slowly will not only make you feel full sooner but also help boost your metabolism and curb your food cravings.

Walk and Walk

If you have a choice between walking and driving, choose to walk! Similarly if you have an elevator and a staircase, opt for the stairs and do some cardio!

Remember, vacations are all about making memories, hence relax. Use these amazing tips and pop some PhenQ pills in your bag, take the stairs, chew more and stay fit!

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