The Working Person’s Diet Plan – Weight Loss Resources

Do you have a full-time job which hinders in achieving your target of weight loss? A diet plan for working men and women comes to your rescue through which you can lose weight with minimum efforts and maximum results.

There are certain demands of a working life keeping you busy from morning till evening leaving you with not enough time and energy to spend on making well thought-out meals. Having to meet deadlines, attending timely or untimely meetings, coping up with the challenges of work-life can often make you feel stressed and tired. This condition can lead you to skipping breakfasts or lunch, grabbing unhealthy meals and high calorie snacks which increase the waistline.Recommended:

After spending long hours working at the office and sometimes late sittings due to the job’s demands, you might feel exhausted to even think about preparing a low-calorie meal and doing any kind of exercises. A busy routine can make you ditch all the thoughts for the day to slouch on the sofa or hit the bed to catch some sleep. If you are having a hard time in trying to lose weight because of your busy work-life, you need to follow the working person’s diet plan which is designed specifically for people who spend hours at their full-time job. This diet plan will work well for anyone with limited time to prepare meals, and usually on a rush to grab a meal or snack.

This diet plan is less time consuming, easy to prepare as you will mostly have to grab or assemble a few items, and easy to carry for lunch at workplace. For your ease, it has been divided into three sections of breakfast, lunch and dinner, which you can easily prepare at home or even pick from places near your office.


Most of the times, working people either grab something on their way for breakfast or skip it, both of which are habits that increase body weight. Skipping breakfast disrupts the natural body function of digestion which affects in improper digestion of the later meals, and grabbing artificially flavored meal or smoothies and coffee from junk food chains plump up the body. Choosing any of the following breakfasts from the list below, can save you time every day with the guarantee of a healthy, active and slim body over the time.

  • An apple, a glass of skimmed milk, and a portion of almonds and pecans.
  • A banana, a kiwi, and a cup of low fat yogurt.
  • Half a bowl of muesli with low fat milk.
  • 2 slices of whole-meal toasts with low-fat spread, and a banana.
  • Oat flakes with skimmed milk, raisins and seasonal berries.
  • 2 soft boiled eggs, and a glass of orange juice.
  • 2 reduced-sugar cereal bars, and some grapes.


People with a demanding work life often head to the cafeteria or restaurants near their workplace to grab a meal or sometimes munch on stuff available at the vending machines on their floors, this practice may be convenient but it can pile up fats faster than you can imagine. Therefore, a little consideration in picking the right food for lunch would be very useful in the long run in terms of health and fitness, along with a reasonable control over weight. An addition of Phen375 dietary supplement will speed up the weight loss process. The list below will give you an idea of what to prepare or pick up from your nearest store or restaurant for losing weight.

  • 1 Fish fillet with lettuce and cucumber salad, and vegetable soup.
  • 1 wholemeal turkey and garlic mayo roll, and 1 orange.
  • A wholemeal bread and ham sandwich with onion, tomato and olives salad.
  • A readymade sushi box and fruit salad.
  • Skinless chicken breast piece, and low-fat fruit yogurt.
  • Oat or wheat crackers with low-fat soft cheese, and mixed vegetable salad.
  • Pitta bread with hummus, and low-fat yogurt drink.
  • Grilled lean steak with carrots and capsicum salad .


By the time you reach home after long working hours and a tiring day, you might feel like destressing and relaxing at home rather than having to cook difficult meals. It is the best practice to have early dinner right after you reach home and freshen up as it will be more convenient, and also, you will be done with the main task long before you collapse in bed for some rest. For this, you need to have a list of quick-to-make meal options.

  • Steamed vegetables with parmesan cheese and grilled potato wedges.
  • Tuna sandwich with baked beans.
  • A jacket potato with creamy salmon topping.
  • Grilled fillet sandwich with sweet corns.
  • Whole wheat pasta with tomato and mushrooms.
  • Chicken soup, and stir fried vegetables.
  • Kidney beans or lentils with pitta bread and salad leaves.

A dietary supplement of Phen375 during the day will also help you in keeping hunger strikes at bay as it suppresses appetite and helps in regulating your timely meal breaks and helps you control munching at odd times.