Benefits and Uses of Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 benefits

The human body is a very intriguing and unique mechanism. The fact that humans live a certain age and how they live it is testimony to the different offerings of the human body. We as humans are also very open to providing our very wholesome bodies with different alternatives in intake.

Variety in the food or nutrients that we intake is something that has been advised by doctors of all nature. Interestingly, this variety leads to the proper functioning of the body and the fulfillment of the basic needs that our body has and expects to be fulfilled through our intake.

The modern day world has had its toll on the human body as well, we are not working hard but we are working smart. The different techniques and smart technologies have meant that there is a massive difference between the workload of today and that of yesterday. We alone send more messages daily than a Royal Messenger would deliver throughout his life in the days gone by.

All of this has meant that there is indeed a very high level of stress on both the mental and physical aspects of a human body. The purge to achieve more and the mental stress both need suitable solutions. One such nutrient which is needed very much for our body and also provides us with a suitable amount of energy is Vitamin B3 or Niacin.

Vitamin B3 is a very important nutrient. Having enough of Vitamin B3 or Niacin in the body is very imperative. The fact that Niacin plays a very important role in our physical and mental fitness stamps its usefulness as a nutrient.

Niacin over the ages has been found to have many uses but none can be comparable to how effectively it works with the cholesterol in your body.

What’s interesting is that Niacin is something which can be consumed by people who are looking to gain mass and by people who are also looking to lose some cholesterol. This might sound mind boggling right now but the magic of Niacin makes this happen effortlessly.

The uses of Niacin:

Niacin can be used for a variety of reasons. Its effectiveness regarding many diverse aspects of the body make Niacin a very effective and useable nutrient. As mentioned above Niacin works as a weight gainer and a weight reducer. Results over the years have proven that Niacin shows a rapid increase in the level of good cholesterol present in the body.

This increase can have positive results for people wishing to gain weight. Furthermore Niacin has been found to lower the amount of the bad LDL Cholesterol found in the body.

This works as a very good and effective way to both reduce and gain weight. Besides the effect on the cholesterol levels, there are many other uses and benefits of Niacin as well. Niacin is believed to free you from all the cardiovascular risks that your body might be suffering from.

Niacin also helps reduce the chances of the hardening of the arteries in the body which can later lead to many different problems.

Furthermore, Niacin is perfect for people who have suffered from a heart attack once in their life, as it helps reduce the chances of a second attack. Niacin deficiency can result in pellagara.

Alongside the mentioned uses, Niacin is also a blessing for people with Alzheimer’s and type 1 diabetes, as it greatly helps to lower the risks associated with the conditions.

Where to get Niacin? And how much should be taken?

Niacin benefits

Niacin is a nutrient which is very easily available. It can either be consumed through foods or the different products which provide the intake, available within the market. Niacin is believed to be found in different food items like vegetables, poultry, eggs and fish. All these items provide the body with the required dose of Niacin.

Besides being present in foods Niacin is also provided through different products which increase the amount of Vitamin B3 in the body, one such product that stands out is Niacin Max, which stamps its footings as a very safe and effective intake of Niacin.

Being a very useful and unique nutrient Niacin should not be confused and should always be consumed in accordance with the dosage best for your gender, age and body size. Some of the required Niacin dosages for different groups are.

  • Children: 2-16 milligrams daily.
  • Men: 16 milligrams daily.
  • Women: 14 milligrams daily.
  • Maximum daily intake for adults of all ages: 35 milligrams daily.


In conclusion it is pertinent to mention that Niacin does indeed work wonders but only when the required dosage is followed.

Vitamin B3 is indeed very important for the body and can be consumed through many different products like Niacin Max.